+++ Recently it has been observed that some abusers take advantage of our brand name, respecting to the colleagues who are interested in using the name of the company, Iran Mechatronic Industries hereby announce that have no liability for their performance.

IMI in sport & health

Based on a strong knowledge and initiative, IMI took effective steps toward development of sport and health facilities, in order to prove the company motto "All process running by IMI". Our research team design and manufacture hydraulic treadmill under water. This prevents any possible electric shock. Comparing to the other electric treadmill sample under water. A sample of this system is installed in Zendegi Health & Spa complex. Athletes and people who suffer from Cardiovascular and Orthopedics problems enjoy this system.


This system are made from Stainless steel in order to prevent corrsion and the belt is made from poly propylene. The system also includes a computer panel to control speed and style of running.